Almond Orchard Management Considerations for June

  • Get ready for an early hull split! UC models predict hull split in late June this year for Nonpareil. Use this model to predict hull split using data from your nearest CIMIS station.
  •  Assess navel orangeworm (NOW) and peach twig borer (PTB) populations. If the next generations come prior to hullsplit they will go back to mummy nuts and shoots respectively. Generations can be predicted using your biofix and Degree Day models. If NOW or PTB egg laying is predicted to occur at hullsplit or later and is of sufficient concern, apply a hull split spray at the beginning of hull split on sound nuts. Back up degree-day predictions by checking traps. For more, see the UC IPM guidelines for NOW and PTB.
  • Monitor for mites weekly in the orchard’s hot spots. Treat the hot spot if presence-absence sampling indicates the treatment threshold is exceeded. Expand monitoring as the orchard dries down for harvest.


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