IPM Insect Update – August 1, 2016

University of California IPM Insect Update
Tehama County

InsectFirst BiofixSecond BiofixThird BiofixFourth BiofixActivity Moths/DayAvg. Deg. Days / DayDay Degrees from Biofix
Codling Moth3/245/317/11-3.030.8591
Oriental Fruit Moth3/175/196/277/281.136.0144
Peach Twig Borer4/75/317/11-.4430.3578
Navel Orangeworm Eggs4/7---027.32114
San Jose Scale3/21----30.52555
Walnut Scale Crawlers5/16------

  • Notice the third male codling moth biofix was 7/11/16.
  • Note the third biofix for PTB was 7/11/16.
  • We have Walnut Husk Fly traps up in the Dairyville area of Tehama County and we caught our first male fly on 6/30/16. The first female with no eggs was caught 7/5/16. Our first WHF spray went on 7/6/16. The first female with eggs was caught 7/14/16. So far, we have treated three times. Every orchard is different so watch your traps and treat accordingly.
  • We measured the first walnut scale crawlers 5/16/16 on both Howard and Chandler near Red Bluff. Scale crawlers peaked on 5/31/16 and have declined to near zero from 6/13 to 8/1.
  • Additional Pest management information is available at the UC IPM website including a day degree calculator (http://www.ipm.ucdavis.edu).

Richard P. Buchner and Cyndi K. Gilles
Orchard Advisor & Research Associate
UC Cooperative Extension Tehama County
(530) 527-3101

Thank you for our trap supplies!


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