Top Five Questions: Evaluating a Water Supply for Suitability to Irrigate Nut Crops

  • Does the salt concentration (ECw) pose a potential problem (osmotic effects)?


  • Are there specific elements (B, Cl, and Na) that could accumulate in the tree or soil to potentially toxic levels?


  • Could the water chemistry reduce soil tilth, porosity, and cause slower water infiltration rates?


  • Could the water chemistry be prone to plugging drip emitters, microsprinklers, or filters and reduce irrigation distribution uniformity?


  • How much nitrate-nitrogen is in an irrigation water supply?

If lab reports NO3-N, then:
NO3-N (mg/l, ppm) x 2.7 = lbs N per acre-foot of water

If lab reports NO3, then:
NO3 (mb/l, ppm) x 0.6 = lbs N per acre-foot of water


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