Chilling Hours Update – Yuba City

The final reading for winter chill in 2016-17 was taken on February 28th. The chill accumulation this year was 969 hours – almost double the very poor winter chill year of 2014-15. You can compare this years’ chill hours to the historical data in the second table below.

For more information on differences between chill models, read about calculating winter chill. Chill accumulation, calculated from CIMIS stations around the state, can be tracked using the UC Fruit and Nut Center chill accumulation models. Janine Hasey provides these data from Yuba City because there is no local CIMIS station.

Table 1. Chill hours accumulated in Yuba City since November 1st, 2016, using two different chill models. 

 Table 2. Historical chill hours in Yuba City.


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