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Advisor Retirement

I am retiring on July 1st after nearly 38 years working for UC Cooperative Extension and over 36 years as an Orchard and Environmental Horticulture (EH) Advisor in Sutter-Yuba Counties. What an honor to work with all of you growers, PCAs, and others in the Ag industry, and such a privilege to collaborate with so many talented UC colleagues solving challenging problems together. Continue reading

Walnut Trees in the Nursery Trade: Terminology, Propagation, Availability, & Pest Interactions

Updated February, 2020. Originally posted June, 2016. Janine Hasey, Chuck Leslie, Wesley Hackett, Pat J. Brown, Andreas Westphal, Michael McKenry, Greg Browne, & Dan Kluepfel.  Helpful terminology in understanding walnut plant material: Cultivar (cultivated variety) – A named group of … Continue reading

Training Young Walnut Trees: No Pruning/No Heading vs. Minimum Pruning Compared

Training young walnut trees occurs in the first 1-6 years in the life of an orchard. Traditionally it has been done using a modified central leader with a minimum pruning style. Research conducted since 2004 investigating pruning versus non-pruning on young walnut tree growth and productivity has challenged that paradigm. Continue reading

What to Do this Spring for Flood Damaged Trees

2017 brought us unprecedented high and fluctuating water flows in the Sacramento and Feather Rivers, damaging orchards from direct flooding and indirectly via under-levee seepage. Many trees had a long exposure to waterlogged conditions through the winter and spring. This article discusses strategies for minimizing losses in 2018 in flood-impacted orchards. Continue reading