Yearly Archives: 2023

New UC ANR Website for Cover Cropping Information Resources

A new website features brand new cover cropping information resources and a searchable Expert Grower database for cover cropping practices in California orchards and vineyards. These resources provide detailed information on practical strategies for implementing cover crops and addressing common challenges. Continue reading

2023 brown apical necrosis (BAN) and late-season walnut blight

Nut samples were collected by UCCE advisors and analyzed and confirmed for BAN (brown apical necrosis) and walnut blight. If you observed BAN or walnut blight symptoms in your orchards this year, be aware that inoculum can remain for next year. BAN can lead to mold and reduce nut quality and yield, and walnut blight can reduce yield as infected nuts prematurely abort. Continue reading

Plant cover crops now to prepare for another wet winter

With weather forecasts for the upcoming winter months leaning heavily toward another wet and cold winter, the weeks immediately following harvest present the best time of the year to plant cover crops to reap their various benefits in the months ahead. Should El Niño bring heavy rainfall back to the region, any on-farm water capture that can be done should be done to keep as much water locally banked as possible. Continue reading

Introducing a Butte County Walnut Variety Trial

A ten-acre Butte County Walnut Variety Trial was planted at the Chico State Farm in May of this year through a collaboration between Chico State, UC Davis Walnut Improvement Program, and UC Cooperative Extension. This variety trial aims to identify new varieties that will perform exceptionally well in this region and will share its progress over the years. Continue reading

Update on Regional Almond Variety Trials – results through 2022

With funding provided by the Almond Board of California, through assessments paid by almond growers, the University of California has conducted regional field trials in the major almond growing areas of the Central Valley for over 50 years. Read more for an update on Regional Almond Variety Trials Continue reading