Monthly Archives: October 2023

New UC ANR Website for Cover Cropping Information Resources

A new website features brand new cover cropping information resources and a searchable Expert Grower database for cover cropping practices in California orchards and vineyards. These resources provide detailed information on practical strategies for implementing cover crops and addressing common challenges. Continue reading

2023 brown apical necrosis (BAN) and late-season walnut blight

Nut samples were collected by UCCE advisors and analyzed and confirmed for BAN (brown apical necrosis) and walnut blight. If you observed BAN or walnut blight symptoms in your orchards this year, be aware that inoculum can remain for next year. BAN can lead to mold and reduce nut quality and yield, and walnut blight can reduce yield as infected nuts prematurely abort. Continue reading

Wet winter concerns: Phytophthora and waterlogging

Excessive water, caused by rain, flooding, or even overirrigation, is a challenge for orchards and can cause two very different problems: waterlogging and Phytophthora infection. Given that we had bountiful rain this winter and orchards with standing water were common, continuous monitoring and collaboration with your PCA or farm advisor will be increasingly valuable. Continue reading