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Plant cover crops now to prepare for another wet winter

With weather forecasts for the upcoming winter months leaning heavily toward another wet and cold winter, the weeks immediately following harvest present the best time of the year to plant cover crops to reap their various benefits in the months ahead. Should El Niño bring heavy rainfall back to the region, any on-farm water capture that can be done should be done to keep as much water locally banked as possible. Continue reading

Vegetation for Infiltration

Facing a fourth consecutive year of drought conditions across California, and pressures to preserve existing water reserves has led to more California growers taking interest in incorporating some form of agriculturally managed recharge (AG-MAR) into their water management plans. Read further to learn how cover crops can help divert runoff from winter storms into groundwater basins for future use. Continue reading

Late-season Irrigation Management in Prune

Producers should strive to maintain sufficient tree water status to maintain any current crop-load as well as overall tree and orchard health to help support crops in the coming years. Spring freezes and reduced water supplies have significantly affected production. When considering late-season irrigation strategies for prune trees, both the current and following season’s crops must be considered. Continue reading