Yearly Archives: 2022

Late-season Irrigation Management in Prune

Producers should strive to maintain sufficient tree water status to maintain any current crop-load as well as overall tree and orchard health to help support crops in the coming years. Spring freezes and reduced water supplies have significantly affected production. When considering late-season irrigation strategies for prune trees, both the current and following season’s crops must be considered. Continue reading

Managing Mold in Walnut (Updated 2022)

Growers and processors have reported elevated mold levels in harvested walnuts to farm advisors and Dr. Themis Michailides, UC Davis Plant Pathologist. Although all possible predisposing factors have not yet been investigated, conditions that compromise the integrity of the hull, such as walnut blight, sunburn or insect-damage can serve as an entry point for mold fungi. Continue reading

When do you shake almonds?

Historically, the recommendation from UC almond experts for the ideal time to shake was as soon as 100% hull split occurred throughout the orchard, however, these considerations vary widely among varieties and locations. Potential challenges that growers should consider when timing harvest include pest and disease management, nut removal/drying time, and nut quality. Continue reading

Is it time for a closer look at alternative nutrient sources?

With continued tight nut markets and high input costs, it’s worth considering all nutrient input options in an effort to lower costs and maintain production. Sustainable nutrient management includes assessment of irrigation nitrate, adding compost manure amendments or almond shells, and using nitrogen-fixing cover crops. Continue reading

Protecting Sacramento Valley Waterways from Pyrethroid Exceedances

As farmers have reduced their reliance on organophosphate insecticides for pest control, there has been a shift to other control tactics. Most challenging for the topic of watersheds has been a shift towards increased use of pyrethroids. In general, the amounts found are low, nevertheless, cases of exceedances do occur, and these cases need to be eliminated. Continue reading