Online Tools for Orchard Establishment and Management

Excerpt from the article “Preventing orchard establishment and management pitfalls with online tools” by Mae Culumber University of California Cooperative Extension Nut Crop Advisor, Fresno County on the San Joaquin Valley Trees and Vines website; Originally in West Coast Nut.

Nut crop growth has been explosive in California in recent years, requiring new and expanding operations to develop on increasingly marginal soils.  Successful orchard establishment may be challenging in areas characterized by poor uniformity, fertility, drainage, high salinity, and structural problems requires careful consideration. A thorough evaluation before planting can help identify the appropriate pre-plant modifications and help guide long term management actions that may improve substandard growing conditions and increase long-term profitable production and return on investment.

View the full article on San Joaquin Valley Trees and Vines for information on online tools and phone applications that can facilitate the processes of soil evaluation, salinity management, fertility management, and irrigation scheduling for your orchard.


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