Conditions Right for Blue Prune

Prune growers should be aware that the weather conditions this upcoming week favor development of blue prune. Blue prune drop is associated with the rapid increase of orchard temperatures. We’ve had a mild spring with temperatures forecast to be in the low- to mid- 90s this week.

Blue prune & associated leaf scorch symptoms.

Blue prune and leaf scorch symptoms showing damaged fruit, scorched leaves and darkened leaf veins.

Steps that may help mitigate blue prune include:

  • Insuring that the soil moisture levels are not too depleted going into the hot weather. If you are on more gravelly ground and have not irrigated yet this spring, check your soil moisture and consider doing so.
  • If you still have tall ground cover or a cover crop, leave it in until the hot weather passes. The taller grass and the evaporative cooling it provides helps keep orchard temperatures lower.

Read more about blue prune drop here.


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