Monthly Archives: May 2016

Branch Wilt

Hot weather favors the fungal disease Branch Wilt (Nattrassia mangiferae, formerly Hendersonula toruloidea). Below are the main points you need to know to recognize and manage this walnut disease.
Typically in July and August after a hot spell, the first symptom of branch wilt is yellowing and browning of the outermost branches usually on the southwest exposure of the tree (Photo 1). Continue reading

Pocket Gopher and Ground Squirrel Management

Managing these vertebrate pests is a year-round task. Gophers can be controlled with most methods throughout the year but squirrel control methods change with the seasons depending on the squirrel biology. This article will outline the control methods but also inform you about some outstanding online resources that are useful to learn new information, understand seasonal cycles, and determine the best control methods to use. Continue reading