Putting Weekly Crop ET Reports to Work for You

This tutorial consists of four videos adding up to slightly more than one hour of instruction for growers and consultants. It introduces free weekly crop ET reports. They are heavily geared towards orchard crops and are available throughout the Central Valley of California.  Discussion includes who provides these weekly reports, why, and how to access the information. The videos explore the scientific basis for these weekly estimates of crop water use. This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions and examples of how to read the reports and apply the information to help make re-occurring decisions on when to irrigate and how long to operate specific irrigation systems. Finally, the videos demonstrate useful calculators to help water managers make various conversions and calculations.

You can receive Irrigation & Nitrogen Management Plan Continuing Education Credits for watching these videos, but to do so you must access them through the CDFA INMP Credits, where you will also need to complete the post-video test. To simply watch for your own education, click the video links below.

Crop ET Tutorial #1A: Purpose and Access to Weekly Crop ET Reports

Crop ET Tutorial #1B – The Science Behind the Weekly Crop ET Reports

Crop ET Tutorial #1C: Reading a Weekly Report Location, Crop and Irrigation Efficiency

Crop ET Tutorial #1D: Basic Irrigation Run Time Calculations and Crop ET Conversions


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