Monthly Archives: July 2021

Managing Mold in Walnut

Growers and processors have reported elevated mold levels in harvested walnuts to farm advisors and Dr. Themis Michailides, UC Davis Plant Pathologist. Although all possible predisposing factors have not yet been investigated, conditions that compromise the integrity of the hull, such as walnut blight, sunburn or insect-damage can serve as an entry point for mold fungi. Continue reading

Box Hedging May Decrease Sunburn in Prunes

High temperature and light conditions promote sunburn damage in prune orchards. This year’s higher-than-average temperatures through the spring and early summer have resulted in higher reported and observed levels of sunburn on prune fruit in the Sacramento Valley. Mechanical hedging may provide a new tool to help mitigate sunburn damage as we see more days of extreme heat annually. Continue reading