Using Weekly Crop ET Reports in Young Developing Orchards

This tutorial consists of three shorter videos which combine for about 40 minutes of instruction. It focuses on making irrigation decisions in orchard crops during the early years of orchard establishment, as the trees grow from transplants to the early fruit bearing years. The videos provide instruction on how to adjust the weekly crop ET reports summarized in tutorial #1. Two different methods and step-by-step examples are given to demonstrate how to adjust the weekly crop ET reports to reflect young trees of various ages and sizes. We also address the question of how to adjust the timing and amount of irrigation using various pressurized irrigation methods with different amounts of orchard floor wetting.

You can receive Irrigation & Nitrogen Management Plan Continuing Education Credits for watching these videos, but to do so you must access them through the CDFA INMP Credits, where you will also need to complete the post-video test. To simply watch for your own education, click the video links below.

Crop ET Tutorial #2A: Basic Scientific Understanding of Tree Canopy Size and ETc Rates

Crop ET Tutorial #2B: Using Adjusted Weekly ETc Estimates to Irrigate Young Orchards

Crop Tutorial ET #2C: How to Adjust for Different Irrigation Wetting Patterns


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