Monthly Archives: July 2016

Zone Irrigation, Part 2 – Designing a System

A good understanding of the soil variability patterns is essential to optimally design and install a zone irrigation system. Rapid, non-intrusive methods of measuring soil electrical conductivity combined with global positioning systems (GPS) are used to map the soil variability patterns and provide waypoints to guide the design and installation. Continue reading

Zone Irrigation, Part 1 – Zone Irrigation Concepts

Variable soils contribute to irregular patterns of crop water stress and in turn more variable crop development and pest problems over the course of a season. One concept to irrigating highly variable soils that is gaining some adoption is zone irrigation. Zone irrigation is being used in some orchard settings in the Sacramento Valley where changes in topography are gradual and variability in soil profile depth, texture, structure, and water-holding capacity exists. Continue reading

New Olive Disease in California

Earlier this spring, oil olives with severe defoliation in San Joaquin county were sent in for diagnosis by UC Plant Pathologist Florent Trouillas. He has isolated a putative pathogen, Neofabraea species. In addition to defoliation, leaf lesions and elongate twig lesions were also associated with this fungus. Here is a list of what we know and don’t know about this disease. Continue reading