Monthly Archives: January 2024

Winter sanitation critical for reducing insect pest damage risk to almonds in 2023-2024

Winter sanitation is becoming increasingly important. This past year many growers in the Sacramento Valley experienced levels of navel orangeworm (NOW) damage not seen since the early 1980s. A successful winter sanitation can reduce damage from NOW and other almond-eating pests, like the Carpophilus beetle. Continue reading

Wet years can lead to aerial Phytophthora outbreaks in almond orchards

Pytophthora was detected as early as mid-February in Fresno County and reported statewide by the early summer of 2023. Almond growers should be prepared to respond to strengthening El NiƱo conditions and the possibility of a recurring outbreak of aerial Phytophthora. Read for insights about the disease symptoms, the pathogen biology, as well as some management guidelines for this relatively rare but serious disease of almond. Continue reading