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Advances in On-Farm Water Management

Irrigated agriculture acreage in the northern Sacramento Valley has grown substantially over the past decade, with gains largely driven by new orchard plantings. Despite these substantial gains in irrigated agriculture, actual water demand has remained relatively stable. This video showcases many irrigation management technologies on-display at a walnut irrigation field day conducted in June 2018.  Continue reading

Using a Pressure Chamber is Worthwhile

Visual cues of crop stress are among the most basic observations that can be used to manage irrigation in orchard crops. However, these cues can be somewhat subjective and are often expressed after plant stress is higher than desired. Measuring midday stem water potential (SWP) using a pressure chamber is a quantitative method for evaluating plant water status. Continue reading

Weekly Crop Evapotranspiration (Crop ET) Reports Are Available to Assist Farm Water Management

The Northern Region of the California Department of Water Resources and the University of California Cooperative Extension in Tehama and Glenn counties have teamed up to provide Weekly ET Reports to agricultural water users. Reports include water use information for a variety of crops. This article outlines background information about the reports and ways to use them in on-farm water management. Continue reading

Regional Changes in Groundwater Levels: Multi-year Drought Followed by Record Setting Wet Year

Trends in cumulative spring groundwater change by county are shown for a shallow well monitoring network and an intermediate well monitoring network across five northern Sacramento Valley counties.  The period of interest includes the spring of 2011 which was a wet water year, 2012 through 2016 which were a series of dry or critically dry water years, followed by 2017 which has been a record-setting wet year. Continue reading