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Yellowing Krymsk?

The continued saturation of tree root zones may lead to nutrient deficiency symptoms from reduced root activity. Sometimes these deficiencies are transient and symptoms resolve as the soil dries out and warms up. However, if the season progresses and the soils warm up but stay oversaturated, the symptoms may persist or trees may show the “yellowing Krymsk” problem. Continue reading

March Orchard Management Considerations

It is finally looking a little bit like spring outside! Almond bloom is winding down, prune bloom will be picking up, and there are even some tasks the walnut growers can do to stay on top of things. Keep reading for orchard tasks to keep in mind for almonds, prunes, and walnuts. Continue reading

New Olive Disease in California

Earlier this spring, oil olives with severe defoliation in San Joaquin county were sent in for diagnosis by UC Plant Pathologist Florent Trouillas. He has isolated a putative pathogen, Neofabraea species. In addition to defoliation, leaf lesions and elongate twig lesions were also associated with this fungus. Here is a list of what we know and don’t know about this disease. Continue reading