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Autumn 2018 Freeze Event a Year Later

An autumn freeze event in November 2018 caused widespread dieback in both young and mature walnut orchards in the Sacramento and northern San Joaquin Valleys. Following our initial diagnosis in April 2019 and our update on regrowth at the end of May 2019, we revisited several affected orchards at the end of the 2019 season, nearly a year after the freeze event. Continue reading

Emergency Registration Approved for Almond Bacterial Blast Material

Bacterial blast, although thankfully not a problem every year (hopefully including 2020), can be tremendously damaging to almond yields. Because Sacramento Valley almond growers were significantly impacted by bacterial blast in two of the last three years, crop loss data from Sacramento Valley counties supported a Section 18 emergency request for the use of Kasugamycin on almonds. Continue reading

Howard Nut Drop

During about the second or third week in June, many Howard walnut trees experienced nut drop of perhaps as many as 100 nuts per tree, with many trees losing no more than 60 nuts per tree. These nuts were full size with the shell beginning to harden. Cutting open an immediately dropped nut, you could see darkening of the inside watery kernel material. Several possible causes are explored in this article. Continue reading