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2024 Emergency Use (Section 18) of Kasumin® 2L Approved for Prevention of Almond Bacterial Blast

Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae is ubiquitous in orchards, so bacterial blast can develop whenever environmental conditions are right (freezing or near-freezing and wet). While copper sprays have been used to protect trees from bacterial blast, resistance is common in P. syringae populations throughout the state. Unfortunately, it is no longer effective for controlling bacterial blast in some orchards, however, Kasumin® 2L has been shown to be effective. Continue reading

Wet winter concerns: Phytophthora and waterlogging

Excessive water, caused by rain, flooding, or even overirrigation, is a challenge for orchards and can cause two very different problems: waterlogging and Phytophthora infection. Given that we had bountiful rain this winter and orchards with standing water were common, continuous monitoring and collaboration with your PCA or farm advisor will be increasingly valuable. Continue reading