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Maximizing walnut quality to improve value in a low-price year

Elizabeth Fichtner, UCCE Farm Advisor, Tulare County; Carlos Cristosto, CE Specialist, Postharvest Physiology; Bruce Lampinen, CE Specialist, Plant Sciences The overall value of a walnut crop is based on yield and nut quality. Commodity prices are depressed, improving nut quality … Continue reading

Walnut Blight Bud Sampling

Depending upon weather conditions, pathogen population and walnut variety, walnut blight caused by the bacterium Xanthomonas arboricola pv. juglandis (Xaj) can cause significant crop loss. Blight damage in later leafing varieties largely depends on how high the overwintering population of inoculum built up on bud scales. Initial inoculum in dormant buds can be used to predict subsequent disease severity. Continue reading

Advances in Walnut Production Short Course – Registration Opens September 4th

Plan to join us for this integrated orchard management short course featuring UC faculty, Cooperative Extension specialists and farm advisors, and USDA researchers who will provide an in-depth, comprehensive study of all phases of walnut culture and production. Registration for California residents opens September 4th. Continue reading