Yearly Archives: 2019

Pruning wound protection: How to reduce the impact of canker diseases

As we approach winter in the Sacramento Valley and almond trees enter dormancy, pruning becomes a top priority for many growers. Rain events are strongly correlated with the spread of fungal canker pathogens whose primary infection sites are pruning wounds. Results from sampling over 140 almond orchards found 21 different fungal pathogens associated with these canker diseases. While the pathogens differ in biology, there are common approaches to prevent infections. Continue reading

Can trunk paint mitigate herbicide damage in young almond trees?

In order to assess the efficacy of white latex paint in mitigating herbicide damage, a field experiment was conducted in Arbuckle, CA to evaluate the impacts of latex paint on herbicide injury in young almond trees. Preliminary results indicate that in most treatment combinations, old and new paint as trunk protection methods did not reduce tree stress caused by trunk-applied herbicides. Continue reading

Increase Your Return on Investment with Post-Harvest Weed Scouting

Post-harvest scouting offers an opportunity to evaluate the current year’s orchard floor management plan, allowing you to see what weed species have escaped that year’s management plan, where they are, and how severe the infestation may be. These are all valuable pieces of information, which help design a management program that can meet the specific needs of the orchard from year to year. Continue reading